Pet Cremations

All pets cremated individually with private viewing available.

Standard wooden mahogany pet memorial urn included in price of cremation image.

Individual Pet Cremation

Your pet's cremains are returned in a very nice wooden mahogany pet memorial urn as part of the cremation fee. We also offer hundreds of other pet urns and memorial items. Please preview our Memorial Products section.

Individual pet cremations are priced depending upon your pet's size and weight. The process for larger pets will take longer to complete.

Private viewing of your pet's cremation can be arranged at least 24 hours in advance for an additional cost. Private viewings may be scheduled before 11AM EST Monday through Friday.

Pet Cremation Pricing

Pet Weight
0-25 lbs.
26-50 lbs.
51-75 lbs.
76-100 lbs.
101-200 lbs.
200 lbs and above please call

Working with your Veterinarian?

You have a choice!

Let your veterinarian know you'd like Yeargan Pet Cremations to handle your pet's final arrangements. We work with all veterinary clinics and hospitals in the East Tennessee area.

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